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Lessons from the Road : 2015

In 2015 I spent more than 100 nights on the road in 20 cities and 10 countries. 

Every year holds lessons. Some we learn through failure, some through success, and others through watching how others move through their lives. Here were some of the more valuable lessons I learned in my travels this past year.

  1. It became clear to me, that our work as entrepreneurs and leaders isn’t about how important we can become, but how much of a difference we can make in people’s lives. Success is measured in impact. 
  2. I learned the power in small steps made regularly and consistently. What we want to achieve - for ourselves and others - won’t be something that will happen in a day. Personally, I discovered the significant power that resides in progress; that it matters less about my speed, and more about my consistency in action. 
  3. I was reminded that life is less about what I am doing and more about who I am doing it with.
  4. I discovered that that confidence is a fair-weather friend; always there when you don’t need it, never there when you do. I found that fear is far more useful partner for progress. By identifying something that scared me, I also identified the very thing that would unlock my next level of growth. 
  5. I saw that ‘my no defined my success and happiness more than my yes’.  
  6. I watched how volume is not the same as value. Without fail, the greatest breakthroughs for my partners and clients came when I trusted the moment, and created more space, rather than loading them up with another insight or challenge. (Still working on this one…)
  7. Perhaps most of all, I determined that the only reasonable response to all that we have, is to be outrageously generous.
    We have a lot.
    Others don’t.
    We can change that.

What were your big, sticky lessons from 2015?
I'd love to hear them.
Drop me a note at phill@switchinc.com.au 

Here's to 2016, your greatest year yet.

Switch Inc + The Collective 

The extraordinary Tiffany Baker (GQ, Net-A-Porter) caught up with Phill Nosworthy and Faustina Agolley in LA recently to capture and tell the story of Switch Sessions LA for The Collective Magazine.

You can catch the full article in the Issue 19 of Renegade Collective or get the exclusive preview here: 


Photo credits to the one and only Maria Ivkovic