Switch Inc.

We work with brands to make business and life meaningful

We consult to, advise and bring together leading thinkers in the brand-led social change space to create real change and sustainable competitive advantage. 

"Phill has an incredible ability to create an impact across all levels of an organization. 

His vibrant energy, presence and provoking presentation style make him a weapon in front of audiences. 

I highly recommend Phill, both as a consultant, capable of delivering insight and solution, and as communicator engaging audiences to create real impact.

Hunter Burke
Vice President Consulting
Karrikins Group USA

"Phil is a true professional.

He is highly intuitive - cutting to the chase, capturing people’s thoughts, feelings and ideas quickly and translating those into strategic pathways for growth. 

His ability to simplify action and provoke reflection is second to none."

Brigid Walsh, GM
Golden Door Elysia



Switch Inc. works with leading brands and senior teams to:

  • Design and deploy unique learning initiatives to equip and inspire managers to effectively lead teams. 

  • Deliver high impact, behaviour shifting keynotes, workshops and immersive development experiences. 

  • Identify and develop new initiatives, products and partnerships that drive deep social & brand value.

  • Trigger innovation and creativity through deliberately blurred personal and professional development.

Cited Projects in Brief

In partnership with world class behaviour change agency ChangeLabs, Switch Inc. has designed and delivered the following on-going programs for Microsoft:

MACH Increase Impact. Microsoft is host to the category leading graduate program MACH (Microsoft Academy of College Hires). As the final two day experience of MACH, the Increase Impact program leads participants in transformative personal and professional development focussing on the topics of personal branding, impact and self-leadership. Switch Inc. delivers Increase Impact in multiple global locations around the world each year including Seattle, Singapore, Amsterdam, Milan, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Charlotte. 

MACH Manager. Strong managers and leaders are required to harness, direct and empower the astonishing level of young talent that Microsoft has. MACH Manager is a program designed to rapidly equip managers of millenials and multigenerational teams in the core competencies of high functioning managers. This newly developed program is delivered in multiple locations each year throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas.

ING Direct 

Working alongside the Sustainability Leadership Group and the Group Manager for Sustainability and Community Impact, under the executive sponsorship of Director of Customer, Switch Inc. led a hand picked working group in the distillation of the brand’s future impact plan in order to design a compelling community impact position for the organisation. This included comprehensive research into current marketplace activities along with global best practices in the space, small group ideation sessions and senior leadership coaching.


Australian Rugby Union
Pacific in Union is a celebrated initiative of the Australian Rugby Union in partnership with the Australian Sports Commission, the IRB and a number of member unions from across the Pacific. The aim of the program is to leverage the best aspects of rugby as a tool for social development and health outcomes in alignment with the UN’s Millennium Development Goals. 

Working alongside ARU’s Game Development Team, Switch Inc. led the research and cataloguing of all unique best practices within the program with the aim of communicating the impact and efficacy of the initiative. Media partner Ten Bucks in Vegas collaborated on the creation of powerful video and print support materials designed to enable ARU Senior Leadership to tell the story of the program to prospective partners and future recipient communities.

Toni & Guy
A globally recognised ‘super-brand’ Toni&Guy has a reputation for world class in-salon experiences and fashion focussed client outcomes. In partnership with the General Manager, Switch Inc. designed and delivered an inspiring two day leadership event for all national salon owners within the group. This event was supported with dedicated e-learning materials, created with media partner Ten Bucks in Vegas, to take the learnings of the event back to each salon nationwide. This e-learning program, focussing on embedding the core practices of ‘super-brands’ took the form of a tailored 2 month video learning series with print support materials for all staff members.

Napoleon Perdis 
As Australia’s leading cosmetics brand, Napoleon Perdis is famous for the quality of it’s cosmetic artists and in-store experience. Switch Inc partnered with Napoleon Perdis to design and deliver a tailored professional development program focussing on maximising sales effectiveness through amplifying meaning and value for the customer. As a part of this national development program we simultaneously worked with Education Team Leaders to coach them on their communication and influence skills in the training environment.