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We consult to, advise and bring together leading thinkers in the brand-led social change space to create real change and sustainable competitive advantage. 

Insight and inspiration from world leading thinkers and innovators for Sydney's branding and change-making community. 

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You're here because you've received an invitation to the first ever Sydney Switch Session. And i'm glad you're here right now because places at the event are very limited. You'll be in great company. The city's leading corporate responsibility, branding and change-making executives will be there too. I'll be sharing some thoughts and introducing you to some of my friends. Register your details below and i'll see you at The Apollo on the 24th June.

Phill Nosworthy, Switch Inc.

You should come to switch sessions if you:

Are passionate about leveraging the power of your brand to engage staff, create new markets and make good things happen.

Need to understand how to grow your brand through genuine community engagement and social innovation. 

Want to meet and connect with this city's leading branding, corporate responsibility and philanthropic thinkers.

Have responsibility for managing your brand's reputation through social initiatives and activations.

We've cooked up something good for you:

Insight from Michael Doustan on how wearable technology will revolutionise the way brands and people connect forever and how FitCause is going to change the way people move for good.

Michael Doustan is a social philanthropist with a background in technology and finance.  Prior to founding FitCause, Michael climbed the ladder of an investment bank and worked at one of NYC's most respected hedge funds. FitCause is a Nike+ incubated tool that allows users to convert everyday motion into charitable donations.  Michael sits on the boards of NYC based non-profit organisations focussed on underprivileged young athletes and the management of local social-political affairs. 

Inspiration from David Garibaldi on his own personal philanthropic adventures and how people can use the skills, talents and resources that they already have to create massive change.

David Garibaldi is a world renowned performance painter. Hundreds of thousands have witnessed Garibaldi paint live by transforming a blank black canvas into pop art icons through his “Rhythm and Hue” shows. He has performed for Fortune 500 companies, is a regular feature at NBA and NFL half time shows and painted for celebrities including P Diddy, Santana and Justin Timberlake. Before the age of 30 he had raised over $1,000,000 for non profits and charities through his art.

Conversation and provoking Q&A with Lisa Messenger on creating new connections with brand savvy consumers and the implications for business of 'meaning becoming the new money'.

Lisa Messenger is the publisher and Editor in Chief of renegade COLLECTIVE magazine and Owner and Creative Director of The Messenger Group. She is a highly regarded commentator on business, entrepreneurialism and property. Her passion is to challenge individuals and corporations to change the way they think, take them out of their comfort zone and prove that there is more than one way to do anything. She encourages entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and innovation and lives life to the absolute max.

Location and Time

Tuesday 24th June 
The Apollo : 44 Macleay Street Potts Point
7:30am arrival for coffee, refreshments and networking
8:00am session commencement 
9:30am finish 


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