Switch Inc.

We work with brands to make business and life meaningful

We consult to, advise and bring together leading thinkers in the brand-led social change space to create real change and sustainable competitive advantage. 

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a noise?
If a brand invests into the community and no one knows it was them, is it a good investment?

*produced by partner agency Ten Bucks in Vegas

We work with brands and individuals to capture and translate their stories to powerful media that engages and inspires the people that matter to them most.

Every day the people you are trying to connect with face a deluge of branded messages, ads, pop ups, billboards and radio spots. Getting people to really listen is becoming as increasingly challenging as it is important. 

The brands and individuals who can identify, sharpen, and share their unique story of their impact will:

  • engage communities.
  • inspire their teams.
  • turn crowds into tribes.
  • attract partners and investors.

Because stories are what make ideas stick.

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Media production enquiry form: