Switch Inc.

We work with brands to make business and life meaningful

We consult to, advise and bring together leading thinkers in the brand-led social change space to create real change and sustainable competitive advantage. 

switch inc. works on the leading edge of brand and individual led social innovation.

Each engagement requires new ways of thinking and anything but ‘off the shelf’ processes. 

With that said, translating the desire to make change to actually making change requires expertise in the following phases of execution:

  • Best practice activity-scape research and sectoral analysis
  • Concept generation
  • Integration of brand identity and objectives
  • Development of the initiative roll-out plans and financial models
  • Identification and matchmaking of aligned partners
  • Design of the initiative brand
  • Execution
  • Evaluation of the outcomes

We consult to both brands and individuals positioned to make an impact.

For brands and organisations

In an operational context of high complexity, intense competition and scarce resources, doing good for good’s sake is not only unsustainable, but unwise and altogether unnecessary. With the right strategy, brands can:

Gain access to new or hard to reach markets

  • Build strong emotional connections with consumers.
  • Create employer preference with next generation talent.
  • AND make genuine impact in the communities that matter to them most.

This is not an ‘either or’ conversation. With the right strategy brands can do well BY doing good.

We work with brands and organisations to:

  • assess the alignment of current initiatives to core activities and brand position
  • research best practice in the marketplace and activity-scape
  • identify new initiatives, products and partnerships that drive social and brand value
  • create strategic initiative roll out plans and connect partners with capable execution agencies

For individuals

Its not just for organisations to create change in the community. Great things happen when people use what they’ve got to make change happen.

We work closely with athletes, entertainers, high net worth individuals and passionate people wanting to see change to:

  • Take existing initiatives to higher levels of impact and effectiveness.
  • Identify under utilised change making assets and resources.
  • Research best practice in identified social areas.
  • Create meaningful connections with likeminded leaders and social organisations for personal learning and development
  • Architect ‘insight tours’ for personal experiences with change making opportunities
  • Design and execute personal change-making initiatives
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of change making initiatives